Chemical Dependency Professional Education

Classes that fulfill Washington State’s educational requirements for obtaining Chemical Dependency (CDP) certification.

Chemical Dependency Certificate

The Human Services Certificate supplements a prior college degree to meet the educational competencies required by the state of Washington for the Chemical Dependency Professional (CDP) certification.

Requirements for the state CDP certificate include an associate’s degree, an internship and other requirements. Please refer to Department of Health licensing for specific information. Apply to the Washington State Department of Health for all state certificates.

Certificate Courses

(45 credits, 3 quarters)

Number Title Credits
First Quarter
HSP 100 Introduction to Human Services 5
HSP 103 Therapeutic Approaches and Techniques 5
HSP 107 Behavioral Health and Wellness 5
Second Quarter
HSP 112 Best Practices in Human Services 5
HSP 113 Advanced Helping Strategies 5
HSP 117 Ethics and Professional Development 5
Third Quarter
HSP 121 Survey of Addictions and Pharmacology 5
HSP 126 Cultural Competencies for Human Services 5

HSP 291

Supervised Clinical Practicum I

or 200 level Human Services Course

or 200 level Psychology or Sociology Course




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