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eHIM Certificate

electronic Health Information Management (eHIM) Certificate Program

The e-HIM (electronic-Health Information Management) certificate prepares HIT professionals to participate in healthcare IT teams working on electronic development and/or management of health information. It is offered in collaboration with TCC’s Networking & Cyber Security and Health Information Technology program. This certificate complements the Registered Health Information Technician (RHIT) or Registered Health Information Administrator (RHIA) credential. 

Watch the video below for more information about the e_HIM certificate. 

Certificate Information



(47 credits)


Completion of the Networking & Cyber Security degree program or completion of Health Information Technology degree program, or Program Chair permission and completion of CU 105 (or CU 102 and CU 103), ENGL& 101, and BUS 110 with a minimum grade of C for each class.

Number Title Credits
BUS 102
(or HIT 242)
Customer Service (or Leadership & Management I) 2 (5)
CU 105 Word I, Excel I 5
CU 108 Outlook 2
CU 110 Access I 2
CU 203 Excel II 3
CU 210 Access II 3
HIT 110 Healthcare Delivery Systems 5
HIT 125 Health Data Structure, Content, and Standards 5
HIT 130 (or HIT 105) Medical Terminology I (or Comprehensive Medical Terminology) 3 (5)
HIT 126 Health Information Technologies 5
IT 230 Introduction to Project Management 2
IT 246 Data Modeling & Database Implementation 5
IT 274 Network Security Fundamentals 5

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