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Nursing Assistant Certified (NAC)


Nursing Assistants are a fundamental part of a healthcare team, providing care and hands-on support to people who need assistance with daily tasks. Job duties may include such things as:

  • Clean and bathe patients
  • Help patients use the toilet and dress
  • Turn, reposition, and transfer patients between beds and wheelchairs
  • Listen to and record patients’ health concerns and report that information to nurses
  • Measure patients’ vital signs, such as blood pressure and temperature
  • Serve meals and help patients eat

Nursing assistants must complete a state-approved education program that includes both instruction on the principles of nursing and supervised clinical work. Upon completion of training, students are eligible to take their state examination to become a Nursing Assistant, Certified. The Nursing Assistant Program at Tacoma Community College is approved by the State of Washington, Department of Health, Nursing Care Quality Assurance Commission.

The knowledge and skills gained in the Nursing Assistant program are highly valued by healthcare industry employers such as hospitals, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, and home health agencies. The training can also serve to meet requirements for patient care when applying to other health care education programs, such as nursing, sonography, respiratory care, and radiology.



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Mission and Vision

Mission: To provide an affordable, accessible, quality education to people who are interested in obtaining their Nursing Assistant Certification (NAC). Students will acquire the skills to be successful in today’s work place and have the opportunity to move forward in a health care pathway.

Vision: To prepare an individual to function knowledgeably and safely as a nursing assistant in the state of Washington

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