Office for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

The Office of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion partners with students, employees, and community members to challenge institutional oppression and develop innovative anti-racist practices that foster an inclusive and welcoming space for all.


  • To create strategic priorities and accountability measures for our campus.
  • To help equip our colleagues so that everyone realizes and is responsible for upholding that equity, diversity, and inclusion is everybody's work, every day.
  • To help identify and remedy systemic barriers.

2021-2022  Affinity Groups

What is an Affinity Group? 

An affinity group is a self-organized group of TCC employees with a shared identity.  These groups seek to support and amplify the priorities and concerns of systemically non-dominant peoples.  Affinity groups also provide individuals sharing dominant identities the space to examine the negative impacts of white supremacy and dominant identity culture.

2021-2022 Frequently Asked Questions about Affinity Groups (PDF)  

Questions about Affinity Groups?  

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2021-22  Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Fellowship

Originating as part of Dr. Harrell’s 8-point plan to address issues impacting Black students and employees as well as all systemically non-dominant and oppressed groups the EDI Fellows premiered in 2020-21.  We are excited to announce that the second cycle of the Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Fellowships is now accepting applications for 2021-22 Fellows!

EDI Fellow will collaborate with the Professional Development Coordinator and the EDI Specialist to explore the learning needs on campus and create three professional learning opportunities for their colleagues in these categories representing the collective work of the TCC Community: 

  • Institutional Support and Success (all classified-including part-time hourly, exempt, and administrative staff) 
  • Mental Health (all employees) 
  • Instructional (full and part-time faculty) 

Each category will have two fellow positions, for a total of six Titan Strong, EDI Fellows.

EDI Fellows Job Description

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Who we are


Campus Initiatives 

Various opportunities for campus engagement are listed below.


Committees & Programs

  • EDIC (Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Council)
    • Action Committees
  • EDI Fellows
  • Affinity Groups
  • Eight Point Plan-Presidential Task Force

Resources for the TCC Community

  • Baseline Climate Assessment
  • 8-Point Plan
  • Baseline Assessment, Spring 2020

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