Course Repeats

Section: III.  STSV - 206
Approved By: Dr. Ivan L. Harrell, 06/23/22
Last Review: June 2022
Last Revision: 06/02/22
Prior Revisions: 1/28/04
Initial Adoption: unknown


A course repeat option provides students with an opportunity to retake a course to improve their understanding of the course content and improve their grade for the course.

To Whom Does This Policy Apply

All individuals registered for classes at Tacoma Community College.


Previous Board Policy Manual Section 4.5030 Course Repeats.


Instructional Day: Days when the college is in session, excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays.


A student may take a course for a total of three attempts. Attempts are defined as earning a grade in a course or withdrawing from the course on or after the 11th instructional day.

Courses repeated will remain on a student’s transcript with a repeat notation. When a course is repeated, the credits of the enrollment(s) with the lower grade no longer count towards general degree requirements and the grade is excluded from the student’s term and cumulative grade point average. Substitution of one course for another towards a student's degree does not constitute a repeat of the previous course.

Students who retake a previously passed course more than once may become ineligible for federal or state financial aid, per respective guidelines.

Students who receive veteran benefits cannot be certified for or receive compensation for repeating a course they have previously passed.

Academic programs may have specific repeat policies outside of this policy.

Exceptions to this policy are approved in compliance to the Washington State Community and Technical Colleges Course Repeat Rule (SBCTC Policy Manual – 5.40.25)


This process is administered and overseen by the Enrollment Services Office.