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Location: Bldg. 14

Phone: 253-566-5111

In case the number is inoperable due to an emergency, dial 253-495-4146 to reach the Campus Public Safety Department.

Maintaining a Safe Learning Environment

We want our students to feel at home on campus. To the TCC Campus Public Safety Department that means creating a campus environment that ensures students, faculty, and staff feel safe and our surroundings are secure and inviting.

Customer Service Desk

Tacoma Community College has a highly trained and courteous Safety Department. Our Customer Service Desk is ready to assist with:

  • Student IDs
  • Parking Permits – Vehicle(s) must be registered online before a parking permit will be issued.
  • Lost and Found
  • Safety Related Questions and Concerns

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Need a Safety Officer?

Our officers are trained in basic first-aid and emergency response for major incidents such as earthquakes, windstorms, and criminal activity.

Emergency Phone Towers

yellow emergency phone tower with a blue light on topThe Tacoma campus has yellow emergency phone towers located throughout campus. If you need help, press the button to dial Campus Public Safety. A blue, flashing light will signal a need for help and to make your location easy to find. Find the locations of these phones on the TCC Campus Map.


TCC Alerts

Stay in the know for campus safety incidents, weather announcements and emergencies - subscribe to TCC Alerts! You’ll receive a text and/or email alert about classes that are cancelled and/or whether campus is open. We encourage you to sign up for text alerts, because texts may reach you faster.

TCC also delivers announcements via FacebookTwitter, website homepage, and email. Check those channels frequently for updates. We encourage you to become familiar with all of these communication channels before an incident takes place.

Student safety is TCC's utmost priority. Call Campus Safety at 253-566-5111 for any safety concerns.

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Keeping You Informed

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