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Access Services

About Us

Access Services provides reasonable accommodations and support services for students with disabilities in accordance with the A.D.A. (as amended) and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act. Access Services supports the social and identity models of disability, celebrating disability as an integral part of diversity on our campus. Our goal is to provide access and equitable opportunity in the classroom while promoting the use of Universal Design in our classrooms and beyond.


Updates from Access Services

Status: Closed, but open remotely

Our team wants to assure you that Access Services is here and available to serve you remotely. We will be working hard to deliver the accommodations you need for the online and in-person learning experience.  


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Contact Us

There are several options for you to choose from in order to contact and communicate with us remotely, such as email, Zoom video and text.  

Option 1: Email

Send an email to the Access Services Main Email:

Allow 1-3 business days response time.

Option 2: Phone/Text Message

Call or send a text message to the brand-new Access Services Google number at: 360-504-6357

Messages are checked once daily. Allow 1-3 business days response time.

Option 3: Zoom Video Meeting

Access Services staff are available to schedule a video call with you. Please request this service in advance by emailing or calling: 360-504-6357

A team member will contact you to confirm the appointment.

Zoom video includes a chat box feature for typing. If you do not have a computer or smart phone, there is a phone number provided you can use to “call into” the meeting just like a regular phone call appointment.

What is the Interactive Process?

If you are a student with a disability and think you are in need of accommodations, you must self-identify to Access Services and complete an intake appointment to establish services. The intake appointment is an interactive process allowing for an in-depth conversation between the student and Access Services staff. This confidential appointment includes discussion and verification of the student’s disability, barriers and challenges, and potential accommodations. The student’s unique situation and classes are taken into consideration when determining and approving accommodation services. Sometimes an immediate determination cannot be made during the intake depending on the complexity of the accommodation request. If this is the case, staff will explain next steps to the student, which include gathering more information to assist in reaching a determination. During the interactive intake appointment, the student will receive information about their own responsibilities, next steps and professor communication. 


Student Accommodation Guidelines and Responsibilities

Tacoma Community College Access Services has developed a series of accommodation guidelines and a list of responsibilities for registered Access Services students.

Find out more here.

Faculty and Staff Accommodation Guidelines

Access Services strives to guide T.C.C. faculty and staff as they teach and support students with disabilities.

Faculty and staff resources are available here.

Assistive Technology Resources

Access Services offers guidance on various accommodations and assistive technology.

Find out more here.

T.C.C. Student Resources

T.C.C. has a variety of resources available to students including tutoring, counseling, scholarships, and help with transportation.

Find out more here.

Access Services Team

The Access Services Team includes permanent staff, part-time staff, faculty liaison groups, and student liaison groups.

Find out more here.