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Grading System

Section: III.  STSV - 208
Approved By: Dr. Pamela J. Transue, 5/15/12
Last Review: 
Last Revision: May 2012; effective Fall Quarter 2012
Prior Revisions: 1/28/04; 3/11/05
Initial Adoption: unknown


Tacoma Community College uses the following system of grading and grade point values for reporting and recording academic achievement.  Faculty may or may not choose to use the plus-minus grading in a given class.






A Honor 4.0
A-   3.7
B+   3.3
B Good 3.0
B-   2.7
C+   2.3
C Average 2.0
C-   1.7
D+   1.3
D Minimum 1.0
  (D- grade deleted effective Fall 2012)  
E Failure to complete minimum requirements 0.0
W Official withdrawal from course. Instructor’s signature indicates acknowledgement of the withdrawal. Instructor permission is not required during this period (11th through 55thcalendar day*) 0.0
WI Instructor approved withdrawal.(After 55th calendar day*) 0.0
V Unofficial withdrawal.  Student commenced attendance then stopped attending before instructor had sufficient data to evaluate.  Report last day of attendance on grade sheet. 0.0
Z Unofficial withdrawal with zero attendance 0.0
I Incomplete. Granted at the discretion of the instructor when the student has completed more than 60% of the quarter and has a plan to finish remaining coursework. Contract required. 0.0
S Satisfactory (Credit only, no grade point) 0.0
U Unsatisfactory (No credit, no grade point) 0.0
N Audit 0.0
R Repeat R beside lowest grade 0.0

Grades A, B, C, D and S are considered passing.  “S” and “U” identify courses taken on pass/fail basis and are not counted in computing grade point averages.  “S” is given only if the student performed at a grade of “C“ or higher.  A grade of “E” is not considered passing and does not earn credit toward a degree or certificate.

*Summer quarter courses and courses which do not follow the regular college calendar will have pro-rated withdrawal periods.  Contact Registration and Records for these dates.

Initial Adoption Date:

Prior Revision Dates:          1/28/04; 3/11/05

Last Revision Date:             May 2012; effective Fall Quarter 2012

Last Reviewed Date:          


The grading system provides a consistent method for calculating grade points.

To Whom Does This Policy Apply

All individuals registered for classes at Tacoma Community College.


Previous Board Policy Manual Section 4.5010 Grading System.