Dropped for Non-Payment

Tacoma Community College’s Drop for Non-Payment procedure is the administrative process by which students are dropped from classes. This procedure is in accordance with the State Board for Community and Technical colleges reporting requirement. The Drop for non-payment occurs when enrolled students do not pay their TCC account balance for an academic quarter. There are two drops for non-payment that are processed each term. Specific drop dates are listed on the Important Dates Calendar.

Students who do not pay tuition and fees will be dropped from ALL of their classes unless: 

  • The outstanding balance is $350 or less
  • The student is enrolled in a payment plan and payments are up to date for the current term.

What to Do if You're Dropped for Non-Payment

After the first drop: Students who wish to re-enroll in classes can re-enroll themselves via ctcLink --> Student Homepage. If the class is full, then you may add yourself to the waitlist. Please remember that if you choose to re-enroll after being dropped for non-payment, you will be responsible for paying your tuition and fees immediately. 

After the second drop: Students who wish to re-enroll in classes should check their preferred email account, as listed in ctcLink. All dropped students receive an email with instructions on how to request re-enrollment and the deadline for doing so. Once the deadline passes, you will need to request instructor permission and fill out a Late Add Petition instead. 

How to Avoid Being Dropped

  1. Check the Important Dates Calendar for tuition due dates and additional financial deadlines
  2. Make a payment. There are lots of options for making payments to your account:
    1. Online: Go to your ctcLink Student Center and click the Financial Account tile to make payments with debit or credit card.
    2. In-Person: Visit the Cashier's office/Student Financial Services in Building 14 to make payments by cash or check.
    3. Drop-Off: Visit the payment drop box inside Building 14 to deposit payments by check or money order.
    4. Establish a Nelnet Automatic Payment Plan: Go to your ctcLink Student Center and click the Financial Account tile. Click “Payment Plans,” then click “NelNet Payment Plan”. 
      NOTE: DO NOT click on the "Enroll in Payment Plan," as this feature does not work.
  3. Check the status of your Financial Aid. If you are planning to use financial aid, submitting your aid application on time is the best thing you can do to avoid being dropped for non-payment. Check the Financial Aid Application deadlines online and make sure that there are no holds or requests for additional information from Financial Aid on your account by visiting your ctcLink Student Center. For additional financial aid resources, visit the Financial Aid office in Building 14 or the Financial Aid website. Contact Financial Aid for any awarding questions via email at faid@tacomacc.edu. 
  4. Verify your Workforce Education funding. If you expect your tuition to be covered by Workforce Education or to see whether you qualify for Workforce funding, please visit the Workforce Education office in Building 14 or reach out them at tccworkforce@tacomacc.edu. Additional information can be found on the Workforce Education website.
  5. Verify your third party funding source. If your tuition is being covered by a third party, you should see a hold (Third Party Billing - Pymt Exp.) posted on your ctcLink Student Center. If you do not see this hold, contact the Cashier's office/Student Financial Services via email at sfs@tacomacc.edu. Student Financial Services can also help you understand tuition payments, payment plans, deadlines, and impact.
  6. Verify your VA benefits with the TCC Veterans Services Office. If you are a Veteran student using a VA benefit to pay for college, check your ctcLink Student Center for one of the following:
    1. If you are using the Post 9/11 GI Bill® (Chapter 33), you should see a hold titled, "VA Payment Expected" on your account.
    2. If you are using the Veterans Readiness & Employment (Chapter 31) or Military TA benefit, you should see a hold titled, "Third Party Billing - Pymt Exp." on your account.
    3. If you are using the Dependent Educational Assistance Program (Chapter 35) benefit, you should see a hold titled, your tuition and fees should be waived (there is no actual waiver hold, you'll just see a zero balance), unless you are stipend only.
    4. If you do not see the correct hold/waiver applied, contact the Veterans Service Office at va@tacomacc.edu.
    5. NOTE: GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). More information about education benefits offered by VA is available at the official U.S. government Web site at https://www.benefits.va.gov/gibill.
  7. Review your residency status. Review your tuition charges to see what residency status (Washington Resident, Non-Resident on Waiver, or Non-Resident/ International) is being used to bill your tuition and fees. Compare your ctcLink Student Center account with the Student Financial Services Tuition and Payment table. To review your tuition and fees, log in to ctcLink and navigate to Student Homepage --> Financial Account --> Charges --> Charges Due --> Detail by Charges Due. If you believe you should be billed as a Washington Resident (in-state student), contact the Admissions office to inquire about updating your residency status.


All notifications that go out regarding the Drops for Non-Payment are sent via email to your preferred email address in ctcLink. Please make sure your preferred email address is up to date by navigating to your ctcLink Student Center --> Student Homepage --> Profile --> Contact Details. In addition to the tuition due date reminders that go out to all students, students who are on the list to be dropped for non-payment will receive two notifications for each drop: a warning message with resources and options to avoid being dropped, and, if they are still on the list when the drop process occurs, a "notification of drop" message with instructions on how to request re-enrollment.

Holds that Prevent Drops for Non-Payment

If any of the following holds (service indicators in ctcLink) have been applied to your account for the applicable quarter, you should not be dropped for non-payment. However, please be advised that each office manages their holds differently and you should reach out to the appropriate office if you have any questions or concerns about a hold on your account. 

To review any holds applied to your account, visit your ctcLink Student Center --> Student Homepage --> Tasks --> Holds.

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