Degree Requirements

Specific degree and certificate requirements are published in the annual catalog.


General Requirements for all Credentials

In order to be awarded a credential from Tacoma Community College, a student must meet the following requirements:

Minimum GPA Requirement

A combined cumulative grade point average of 2.00 in the coursework that is applied to the credential.

Academic Residency Requirement

A minimum of 25% of the total applicable credits for the specific credential must be earned at Tacoma Community College.

Multiple Degrees

Students may be awarded multiple credentials for which they have fulfilled the curricular requirements.

Changing Degree Requirements

In order to keep programs and coursework relevant, curricular and non-curricular credential requirements are regularly updated. In the event that degree requirements change after a student enrolls at Tacoma Community College, TCC will adhere to the following policy:

If the credential is completed within five years, the student who initially declares the credential (as noted by assignment into the credential plan stack in ctcLink) and enrolls in the coursework specific to the credential at TCC may graduate under the provisions of the TCC credential in effect when they originally declared the credential.

  • Students with extenuating circumstances may petition to extend this time period if longer than five years is required
  • Students may be required to take courses added to the credential requirements that are reflective of critical industry changes or accreditation requirements

TCC encourages all students to fulfill the credential requirements in effect at the time of their most recent enrollment as those reflect the best practices for the credential. Additionally, students who do not complete the credential requirements within five years must fulfill the requirements in effect when they graduate.



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