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Running Start

A tuition-free program that allows highly motivated high school Juniors & Seniors to earn high school and college credit. 


Structured online learning that is close to home, offers free college tuition and embraces community. 


Fall Quarter admissions begin April. 1st 

Running Start gives you the unique benefits of experiencing a college environment while in high school. You can:

  • Work toward your college degree while preparing for high school completion
  • Save money on college tuition - tuition is free. 
  • Learn from a wide and enriching selection of college courses
  • Broaden your perspective and challenge yourself with college-level classes
  • Keep up with your high school activities while you're in college

We welcome students who wish to get ahead, save money, and experience college life. 

Application Deadlines: 2022-2023

Courses can fill up quickly and are offered in a "first-come, first-served" basis-- do not delay!

Quarter You Want to Attend

New Student Class Registration Begins

Last Day to Turn in Paperwork

Classes Start

Fall 2022 May 16, 2022 September 8, 2022 September 26, 2022



Running Start FAQs



Running Start Zoom Lobby

The Running Start Zoom Lobby can assist you with any general questions you may have about the program. Through Zoom, you can instant message, voice chat, or even video conference with a Running Start staff member in real time. Zoom can be used with your phone, computer, or tablet device.


Morning Session: 


9:00AM to 11:00AM 


To call in, dial: 253-215-8782

Meeting ID number: 947 9482 4028


Afternoon Session:


12:00PM to 3PM


To call in, dial: 253-215-8782

Meeting ID number: 972 5136 5985


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Emails are reviewed:

Summer Hours

Monday - Thursday

8AM to 5PM 

Messages received will be responded to within 2 business days.

*Emails received on weekends and/or holidays may not be reviewed for up to 72-hours.

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