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Write in the Harbor

Nov. 6-7, 2020 online conference

Registration is now open for our 6th Annual Write In the Harbor 2020 conference. Join us November 6 and 7. Cost is $100.

Write in the Harbor is an annual event offered through Tacoma Community College’s Continuing Education Department. This event supports the literary arts by providing opportunities for writers to convene and learn the craft of writing and the business of getting published.

Authors Peter Bacho, Connie Connelly and many others will join us for this informative and exciting event. All sessions will be recorded and available to all attendees, so you'll get to see everything this year!

This is a popular event and we expect great online participation so reserve your spot now!


Date and Time Session
Friday, Nov. 6, 6:30pm to 7:20pm How to Start Building a Great Protagonist with Peter Bacho
As in film, the protagonist is the star of fiction. A protagonist who is interesting - for example, one who is fatally flawed - is likely to survive even pedestrian plots. Readers will continue to turn the page because such a character interests them. 
Friday, Nov. 6, 6:30pm to 7:20pm Writing Short Memoir with Christine Dubois
Turn your life experiences—dramatic and everyday—into a powerful short memoir. If you’ve wanted to write about your life but don’t have time for a book project, this workshop is for you! You’ll learn to craft a short memoir: from selecting and reflecting on your experiences, to writing and publishing your story.
Friday, Nov. 6, 7:30pm to 8:20pm The Opening Pages of a Novel: Ready, Set, Go! with Connie Connally
How to open a story dramatically and effectively, so that your protagonist has a crucial journey, your readers beg to go along, and you as the author know how to lead the way.
Friday, Nov. 6, 7:30pm to 8:20pm The Penny Pinchers Guide to Marketing with E.C. Murray
Effective marketing involves a multi-pronged strategy that's a financial drain. This workshop will cover the pros and cons of marketing digitally (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Tumblr), advertising on-line and in print, and presenting in live venues. Finally, we’ll review the basic question—is your book ready to see the world or does it need a reboot?
Saturday, Nov. 7, 9am to 9:50am Three Keys to Unlocking Your Story with Jennifer Haupt
These three elements of structure--premise, designing principle, and thematic through-line will help build a strong foundation for your story. (And make writing it more fun!)
Saturday, Nov. 7, 9am to 9:50am Developing Humorous Characters with Bob Balmer
An interactive workshop in which attendees will develop a character whose patterns, quirks and the juxtaposition of their words with their thoughts will elicit laughter.
Saturday, Nov. 7, 10am to 10:50am Historical Fiction: Taking Your Reader to Another Time and Place with Connie Connally
How to write historical fiction that pulls your reader into a different world--and how to do the research that will bring this other world to life.
Saturday, Nov. 7, 10am to 10:50am Elements of Narrative Techniques with Wayne Ude
Today we hear mostly about scene, but in fact each of these techniques is essential.  Together, scene, summary, description, inner representation, and commentary create narrative.
Saturday, Nov. 7, 11am to 11:50am  Mix in Mystery: Genres Blended, Not Stirred with Wendy Kendall
This workshop demonstrates how to heighten interest, conflict, tension and appeal by crossing genres. When properly paired, using guidelines in this workshop, the key elements of mystery paired with another genre complement, and delight readers. And for Mystery writers, lacing your plot with another genre adds credibility and world building. 
Saturday, Nov. 7, 11am to 11:50am  A Fiction Writer's Secret Weapon: with Leslie Hall
Most writers have heard Show Don’t Tell.  What is it and how do we use it in stories? We’ll review the meaning of the phrase and how it connects with readers. We’ll discuss what ‘tell’ looks like and how to change it to ‘show’ using point of view and setting.
Saturday, Nov. 7, 1pm to 1:50pm Writing Children's Mysteries with Wendy Kendall
Naturally curious children are motivated mystery sleuths. This workshop  focuses on mystery and thriller components that help you write an engaging children's story, leveraging their thirst for adventures finding answers. They're thinkers  drawn to finding answers to real puzzles and problems. Who could ask for more from a mystery reader?
Saturday, Nov. 7, 1pm to 1:50pm Editing: From Ugly Manuscript to Fabulous Book with E.C. Murray
How do you transform your rough draft into a compelling novel or non-fiction book? This presentation will teach specific techniques on editing prose and evaluating your manuscript's plot, theme, and character development. It will offer concrete steps to self-edit your manuscript and prepare it for publication. 
Saturday, Nov. 7, 2pm to 2:50pm The Resurgence of Noir & How to Approach Writing It with Valerie Brooks
Noir as a genre has an important history. Since post-WWII, noir has captured the ethos of its time. Learn why it's resurging, how to determine why and if you want to write noir, and how to capture your particular style and voice.
Saturday, Nov. 7, 2pm to 2:50pm For the Love of Metaphor with Joe Ponepinto
Some claim that metaphor in fiction, in an increasingly literal world, is a lost art. Do we still need it? The answer is YES! This class will explore different levels of metaphor, including simile, metaphorical characters, and extended metaphor. We’ll also discuss how to infuse these concepts into your writing.




Class Number: CLOSED
Dates: Nov. 6 & 7, 2020
Day(s): Friday & Saturday
Times: Friday 6:30pm-8:30pm & Saturday 9am-3pm
Location: Online
Fee: $100