Careers in Respiratory Therapy

A few minutes of research can help ensure you make an informed decision on your educational program, which improves the likelihood of job satisfaction and success. 

Will this career be a good fit for you?  Clarify the job outlook, find out what skills employers in your region are seeking, learn about typical tasks associated with a job title, or look at current open positions to identify trends in hiring.  TCC’s Career Coach provides quarterly employment data for our region.

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Other Healthcare Programs at TCC

There are a variety of ways to work in the health care industry. TCC is fortunate to offer a number of educational programs in Health Sciences that might be of interest. In order to assist prospective students in fully understanding their training options, we encourage your review of the electronic version of our Health Careers Program Overview Information Session.

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Health Science Program Overview – Narrative (PDF)

We are restructuring our live information sessions.  Please see the program web pages for more information.

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