Statway is a program designed to help students complete their college math requirement in just 2 quarters – or even 1 – while learning a type of math more relevant to most careers.

Statway is fully equivalent to TCC’s college level statistics class (MATH& 146). But, you don’t need to take Math 90 or 95 before enrolling for Statway – so talk to your advisor before you register for Math 90. Depending on quarterly offerings, Statway may also be available as a linked 10-credit course – enabling students to complete their entire math requirement in just one quarter.

How Statway can help  Washington Community and Technical College transfer students

Statway is an alternative path to satisfying the mathematics admission requirement. It is available to applicants transferring directly from a Washington Community or Technical College (WA CTC) with 40 or more transferable credits at the time of application.

At University of Washington, this alternative is intended for WA CTC transfer students pursuing fields of study in the arts, humanities, or social sciences within UW majors that do not have a mathematics course requirement for admission or graduation. For these students, an approved Statway sequence offered by a WA CTC is an additional option for satisfying the UW’s mathematics admission requirement. The entire Statway sequence is required, but only the culminating course in the sequence will transfer to the UW as STAT 136 (see UW Equivalency Guide). This alternative is not an option for Running Start students. Running Start students are required to satisfy the admission requirements described for freshman applicants. Statway is not an alternative to the UW’s mathematics admission requirements described above for individuals who intend to work toward these UW majors.


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