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​English for Academic Purposes

English for Academic Purposes (EAP)

TCC’s English for Academic Purposes Program prepares international students for success in higher education institutions in the United States. The EAP Program offers a wide variety of classes designed not only to improve English language and study skills, but also to prepare students for U.S. college culture.

A Complete Program

The EAP Program offers five levels of instruction, from beginning through advanced, within two tiers of instruction: Intensive English and Academic Bridge. Each level takes one quarter (approximately three months) to complete (students  in the Intensive English tier may progress more quickly if outcomes are mastered earlier). Students will complete a writing sample after being admitted to determine their level. 

Intensive English

Integrated Skills Classes: Intensive, multi-level reading, writing, and grammar courses to prepare English language learners for the Academic Bridge classes. Students may stay in this tier for up to three quarters or progress more quickly if outcomes are mastered earlier. These classes meet for ten hours in the classroom and two hours a week on your own online.

Pronunciation and Conversation Classes: A series of listening, speaking, and pronunciation courses for English language learners designed to develop conversational fluency. These classes meet for two hours in the classroom and one hour a week on your own in Canvas.  

  • Level 1: EAP 96 Integrated Skills I (12 credits) & EAP 91 Pronunciation and Conversation 1 (3 credits)
  • Level 2: EAP 97 Integrated Skills II (12 credits) & EAP 92 Pronunciation and Conversation II (3 credits)
  • Level 3: EAP 98 Integrated Skills III (12 credits) & EAP 93 Pronunciation and Conversation III (3 credits)

Academic Bridge

Composition and Reading Classes: Designed to improve language learners' writing ability for entrance into college-level English, students gain proficiency in writing varied types of essays. Coursework also focuses on academic reading, research skills, and advanced grammar. These classes are part of a learning community and linked with college-level classes. Students take both classes which meet for a total of thirteen hours in the classroom and two hours a week on your own in Canvas.To find out more about these learning communities, click here.

  • Level 4: EAP 99 Composition and Reading I (10 credits) linked with COL 101 (Students earn 5 college credits after successfully completing this class)
  • Level 5: EAP 100 Composition and Reading II (Students earn 10 college credits after successfully completing this class) linked with CMST&101 (Students earn 5 college credits after successfully completing this class)

 Students may request a certificate of completion upon passing Level 5.

Optional Speaking Classes: Level 4 and 5 students may take the following classes for additional speaking practice. These classes meet fully face-to-face in the classroom.

Quarter 1:

  • EAP 191 Pronunciation and Conversation I (2 credits)
  • EAP 192 Culture and Conversation I (3 credits)

Quarter 2:

  • EAP 193 Pronunciation and Conversation II (2 credits)
  • EAP 194 American Culture and Conversation II (3 credits)

*courses subject to change based on availability and enrollment


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Advantages of TCC's EAP Program

  • A program for anyone! Five levels of instruction from beginning through advanced.
  • Highly qualified faculty with international experiences and advanced degrees in teaching English language learners.
  • Earn college credit as early as Level 4 with linked courses and general education course options in art, music, and math.
  • Academic skill development including presentation practice, lecture note-taking, source referencing, research methods, and more!
  • Free one-on-one tutoring and group support including English Conversation Group and Grammar Corner.

Meet the EAP Faculty

Emilie Coates-White picEmilie Coates-White
Department Chair, English for Academic Purposes

I've been working at Tacoma Community College since 2010 and have been teaching English to speakers of other languages since 1993. I'm a Northwest native, and I live in Tacoma with my family.

I'm excited to be your English teacher! I hope you learn a lot about the culture in the Northwest United States and improve your English language and academic skills.

Course Descriptions

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