Welcome to Spring Quarter.

Covid-19: TCC’s Safe Start practices. Get Virtual Help. Information for Current Students.

Set up Your TCC Account

1. Your ctcLink Account

Watch "How to set up your ctcLink for the first time."

  • Click here for step by step instructions.
  1. Visit https://gateway.ctclink.us.
  2. Click First Time User?”
    • NOTE: Do not use log in information that may have been saved when you applied to the college.
  3. Complete the required fields to activate your account and to create your password. Your ID Type will be *ctcLink ID (new) and will start with 20#######.
  4. If you are having issues creating your ctcLink account, please email Support with your full name and ctcLink ID.  

2. MyTCC Student Portal

  1. Visit MyTCC Portal through https://my.tacomacc.edu
  2. Using the chart below, determine your TCC Username
  3. Enter your TCC Username
  4. Enter Password (Use TCC Student ID for the initial login. Your TCC Student ID will be email to you after your online application has been processed.)

Username Example: TJackson65401





First Initial

Last Name

Last 3 digits of TCC student ID

Day of Birth

3. TCC Student Email

  1. Visit MyTCC Portal through https://my.tacomacc.edu
  2. Find Campus E-Mail in the Quick Links section of the Portal.
  3. Enter TCC Username
  4. Enter password (Email password is ctcLink ID on initial login.)