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The Art Gallery

Where Art Reaches You


The Gallery at TCC is a place where students and the surrounding community can find artistic expression in all mediums, and from all world cultures and historic eras.

With an exterior that seems to change from every angle and naturally lit, unique display spaces, The Gallery is a perfect venue for special exhibitions, lectures, readings, and our rotating collections.

Current Exhibit: Far Reaching Fragrance

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Feb. 16 - Mar. 19, 2021

TCC Art History Book Club

Art Historian, Jennifer Olson, Ph.D., will give a short introduction of the artists and lead the discussion. Join us Dec. 2 at noon for an online discussion of December's book "The Miracles of Prato" with co-author Laurie Lico Albanese. 

Upcoming Exhibitions

Virtual, TBD: Tom Gross Shader

Nov. 9-Dec. 11, 2020: Margo MacDonald & Weavers, Interwoven

Jan. 4- Feb. 5, 2021:  Slave Quilts

Feb. 16-March 19, 2021: Patsy Surh O’Connell

March 29-April 29, 2021: TCC Art Faculty Exhibition

May 10 - June 11, 2021: TCC Student Art Exhibition

June 28 - Aug. 12, 2021: 19th Annual Juried Local Art Exhibition

Sept. 20 – Oct. 22, 2021: Reid Ozaki

Nov. 1- Dec. 10, 2021: Beverly Nadius

Jan. 3 – Feb. 11, 2022: Collectors Cabinet

Feb. 22-March 25, 2022: Marit Berg and Melinda Liebers Cox

April 4 – May 6, 2022: TCC Student Art Exhibition

May 16 – June 10, 2022: Sculpture (Curated by Gabriel Brown, Alice Di Certo, Kyle Dillehay)

July 5-Aug. 18, 2022: 20th Annual Juried Local Art Exhibition

Aug. 29-Sept. 16, 2022: Alice Dubiel

Sept. 26-Oct. 28, 2022: Rick Mahaffey

Nov. 7 – Dec. 9, 2022: Korean Artists

Jan. 3-Feb. 10, 2023: Thematic Exhibition

Feb. 21-March 17, 2031: Mr. Berg/Prints

March 27-April 21, 2023: TCC Art Faculty Exhibition

May 1-June 8, 2023: TCC Student Art Exhibition

June 26-Aug. 18, 2023: 21st Annual Juried Local Art Exhibition

Past Exhibitions
Gallery Talks by previous artists featured at the TCC Art Gallery.
View the TCC State Art Collection

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Gallery Hours

The public is welcome,
and all exhibits are free.
Monday-Friday, 10 a.m.- 5 p.m.,
on days the college is open.


The Gallery is located in Bldg. 4, near the corner of 12th and Mildred. Visitor parking is available in Lot G.

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Dr. Jennifer Olson




The Gallery Shop

The Gallery shop carries ceramics by Herb Hallberg, Marie Joseph, & Gail E. Kelly; photographs & cards by Alice Di Certo, Connie Hardy, & Linda Staats; and jewelry by Wendy Flores & Traci Kelly

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