Drop and Withdraw Classes

To Drop a Class

Students may drop a class through the 10th instructional day of the quarter through their ctcLink. These classes will not appear on the student’s transcript. Instructions for dropping a class using ctcLink Student Homepage is as follows:

How to Guide: For Dropping a Class

  • Log in to ctcLink
  • Select Student Homepage then select Manage Classes
  • Courses you are enrolled in will appear. Select Drop classes 

If students are unable to pay tuition and fees then students are responsible for officially dropping or withdrawing from classes. The Academic Calendar will list  term deadlines for adding, dropping and withdrawing from classes.

To Withdraw From a Class

Reference the Academic Calendar to review the deadlines for withdrawing from classes. Partial tuition refund eligibility is based on the date of withdrawal review the Academic Calendar for refund deadlines.  An official withdrawal from a course results in a "W" grade being assigned to your transcript. which does not impact your grade point average. 

Withdrawing from a  class using ctcLink Student Homepage:

  • Log in to ctcLink
  • Select Student Homepage then select Manage Classes
  • Select Drop Classes 

Dropped for Non-Payment

Students who do not pay tuition and fees will be dropped from their classes unless: 

  • The outstanding balance is $350 or less
  • The student is enrolled in a payment plan and payments are up to date for the current term.

Drops for non-payments are processed twice each term. Specific drop dates are listed on the Important Dates Calendar.

After the first drop students who wish to re-enroll in classes can via ctcLink--> Student Homepage. If the class is full, then students may add themselves to the waitlist. If a student re-enrolls then they are responsible for paying tuition and fees immediately. 

After the second drop students who wish to re-enroll in classes can do so by emailing registrar@tacomacc.eduwithin 24 hours of the drop. After 24 hours instructor permission is required. Include your student ID number, the class numbers and the term. 

For Financial Aid resources visit Financial Aid. The Financial Aid office can provide deadlines regarding the financial aid awarding process. Submitting your aid application on time can prevent students from being dropped for non-payment.

Additional Drop for Non-Payment Information

Medical, Military, Hardship or Administrative Withdrawal or Refund

The Petition for Policy Exception (PDF)is a request for a withdrawal  due to extenuating circumstances or administrative errors are demonstrated. Extenuating circumstances include, but are not limited to, serious medical condition, family emergencies, military deployment, or other emergency circumstances which directly affects the student’s ability to complete their classes. 

The Tuition and Fee Refunds policy indicates that Medical Petitions submitted after the 55th day of the quarter has ended will be considered for withdrawal, but no refund will be issued.  Petitions are made to the Registrar.

Complete Withdrawal & Not Returning to TCC

The Complete Withdrawal & Not Returning to TCC form is intended for students who will not be returning to Tacoma Community College. You may receive a percent of your tuition back based on the official date courses are withdrawn in ctcLink. When completing this form, the official date of withdrawal is the date of form submission. Refund dates can be found on the Important Dates calendar

Complete Withdrawal & Not Returning to TCC

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