Drop and Withdraw Classes


What is the Difference Between Dropping and Withdrawing?


Students may drop a class through the 10th instructional day of the quarter through their ctcLink. These classes will not appear on your transcript. Instructions for dropping a class using ctcLink Student Homepage is as follows:

How to Guide: For Dropping a Class

  • Log in to ctcLink
  • Select Student Homepage then select Manage Classes
  • Courses you are enrolled in will appear. Select Drop classes 

Tuition Refund Eligibility

Dropped classes can be eligible for either 100% or 50% refund on tuition and fees depending on the day dropped. 

 The Academic Calendar will list  term deadlines for adding, dropping and withdrawing from classes.


Students may withdraw from a course between the 11th instructional day and the 60th instructional day. Reference the Academic Calendar to review the deadlines for withdrawing from classes.

  • Log in to ctcLink
  • Select Student Homepage then select Manage Classes
  • Select Drop Classes 

Tuition Refund Eligibility

Withdrawn classes can be eligible for either 50% or 0% refund on tuition and fees.

Partial tuition refund eligibility is based on the date of withdrawal review the Academic Calendar for refund deadlines. 

W Grade

An official withdrawal from a course results in a "W" grade being assigned to your transcript. "W" grades do not impact your grade point average. 

Subject to Repeat Course Rule

The Repeat Course Rule states student's cannot enroll in the same course more than three times. Courses that receive a "w" grade count towards the Repeat Course Rule. Learn more about the Repeat Course Rule via the Course Repeat policy and SBCTC Policy 5.30.25. Only Deans can approve a Repeat Course Exception.

Drop for Non-Attendance 

The US Department of Education requires we verify a student’s Last Date of Attendance. We fulfill this precedent by requiring instructors to submit Drops for Non- Attendance. However, it is a students responsibility to Drop Classes. Students please do not rely on a drop for Non Attendance to be dropped from classes. If you have been dropped for non attendance and wish to re-enroll please contact the instructor of the class regarding missed classes and permission to re-enroll.

Medical, Military, Hardship or Administrative Withdrawal or Refund

The Petition for Policy Exception (PDF)is a request for a withdrawal  due to extenuating circumstances or administrative errors are demonstrated. Extenuating circumstances include, but are not limited to, serious medical condition, family emergencies, military deployment, or other emergency circumstances which directly affects the student’s ability to complete their classes. A extenuating circumstance withdrawal will result in a W grade on your academic transcript. 

The Tuition and Fee Refunds policy indicates that Medical Petitions submitted after the quarter has ended will be considered for withdrawal, but no refund will be issued. Petitions are made to the Registrar.

Financial Aid Appeal 

A Financial Aid Appeal is different then a Petition for Policy Exception. A appeal is specifically for Financial Aid recipients and does not affect grades. Financial Aid recipients are expected to make satisfactory academic progress toward their program of study. If this is not met due to a student who is experiencing extenuating circumstances can appeal. Financial Aid appeals are processed by the Financial Aid office.

Contact the faid@tacomacc.edu for the appeal form. To learn more visit the Financial Aid Suspension Appeals Policy

Complete Withdrawal & Not Returning to TCC

The Complete Withdrawal & Not Returning to TCC form is intended for students who will not be returning to Tacoma Community College. You may receive a percent of your tuition back based on the official date courses are withdrawn in ctcLink. When completing this form, the official date of withdrawal is the date of form submission. Refund dates can be found on the Important Dates calendar

Complete Withdrawal & Not Returning to TCC

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