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HIT AAS Degree

Health Information Technology Associate in Applied Science (AAS) Degree

Program Description

TCC's two-year HIT degree program is accredited by the Commission on the Accreditation for Health Informatics and Information Management (CAHIIM). Skills students acquire in this program are outlined in the 2018 AHIMA Health Information Management Curricula Competencies for the profession.

Graduates of an accredited CAHIIM HIT program are eligible to sit for the Registered Health Information Technician (RHIT) national accreditation examination.  

The RHIT credential is recognized nationally by health care institutions for medical record and coding roles. Prospective students are encouraged to visit the AHIMA careers website to view career opportunities and resources available in the profession.

This program is offered completely online and admits in the fall. 

Accreditation  CAHIIM logo

The Health Information Management accreditor of Tacoma Community College is the Commission on Accreditation for Health Informatics and Information Management (CAHIIM). The College’s accreditation for associate degree in Health Information Management has been reaffirmed through 2020-2021.

All inquiries about the program’s accreditation status should be directed by mail to

200 East Randolph Street, Suite 5100
Chicago, IL, 60601
phone at 312.235.3255
email at

Certification Information

In accordance with U.S. Department of Education Regulation 34 CFR 668.43 (a) (5) (v), educational institutions must provide information related to whether their programs will fulfill educational requirements for specific professional licensure or certification and to inform prospective students whether their degree upon graduation will qualify them to work in the state where they are located.  Graduates of the HIT program are eligible to sit for the RHIT exam, which is valid in every state.

 Program Outcomes for Successful Graduates

  1. Identify and apply policies and procedures surrounding Information Governance, to include classification systems, health record content and documentation, data governance, data management, and secondary data sources.
  2. Identify and adhere to systems that ensure the protection of health information, to include health law, data privacy, confidentiality and security, and the release of information.
  3. Explain data and use technology found in informatics, to include health information technologies, information management strategic planning, analytics and decision support, health care statistics, research methods, consumer informatics, health information exchange, and information integrity and data quality.
  4. Apply policies and procedures for the use of data required in healthcare reimbursement and evaluate the revenue cycle management process.
  5. Identify policies and apply procedures for compliance of healthcare regulatory requirements, to include medical coding, fraud surveillance, and clinical documentation improvement.
  6. Identify leadership models, theories, and skills required for successful leadership to include the areas of change management, work design and process improvement, human resource management, training and development, strategic and organizational management, financial management, project management, vendor/contract management, enterprise information management, all of which comply with the ethical standards of practice.
  7. Identify major concepts in supporting body of knowledge to include pathophysiology and pharmacology, anatomy and physiology, medical terminology, and computer applications.
  8. Prepare effective written and oral communication.

Program Pathway

TCC’s HIT AAS degree prepares students for a variety of careers in health information technology. The two-year Associates in Applied Sciences (AAS) degree can also lead to the Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) in Health Information Management offered at TCC.
Technical Core Requirements
Non-Academic Requirements
Program Effectiveness Outcomes

Associate of Applied Science Degree

All prerequisite courses must be completed with a grade of C or better within two attempts before beginning HIT Associate Degree core courses. There is a 10-year time limit for all math and science courses. If you complete all prerequisite courses and are looking for courses to take while you wait to get into the HIT program, we suggest taking CU 103 and CU 110.

Core Requirements
Number Title Credits
BIOL& 175 Human Biology w/lab 5
ENGL& 101 English Composition I 5
MATH& 146 or MATH 93/136 Statistics OR Inferential Statistics 5
HIT 105 Comprehensive Medical Terminology 5

109 credits including pre-reqs

Core Requirements
Number Title Credits
1st Quarter
CU 103 Excel I 3
HIT 110 Healthcare Delivery Systems 5
HIT 125 Record Content and Standards I 5
HIT 179 Ethical Issues in HIT Seminar 1
2nd Quarter
HIT 126 Health Information Technologies 5
HIT 141 Beginning ICD-10 Coding 2
HIT 145 Healthcare Statistics 2
HIT 160 Pathophysiology for HIT 5
HIT 179 Ethical Issues in HIT Seminar 1
3rd Quarter
HIT 170 Outpatient Procedural Coding 5
HIT 173 Data Analytics 5
HIT 195 Health Law and Ethics 3
HIT 179 Ethical Issues in HIT Seminar 1
4th Quarter
HIT 175 Data Quality and Performance Improvement 5
HIT 221 Inpatient Coding 5
HIT 225 Record Content and Standards II 5
HIT 279 Ethical Issues in HC Leadership Seminar 1
5th Quarter
HIT 230 Revenue Cycle 5
HIT 235 Health Records in Alternate Care 2
HIT 242 HIT Leadership and Management 5
HIT 279 Ethical Issues in HC Leadership 1
6th Quarter
HIT 245 Advanced Coding and Compliance 5
HIT 254 HIT Capstone 5
HIT 255 HIT Professional Practice Experience 5
IT 230 Project Management 2
Elective Summer Options
HIT 165 Pharmacology 2
HIT 176 Advanced Outpatient Coding 5
HIT 186 Outpatient Coding Professional Practice 2-5
HIT 250 Inpatient Coding Professional Practice 2

Professional Practice Experience internships for the program require:

  • Criminal and federal fraud background checks
  • Health insurance
  • Immunizations
  • Vehicle insurance (where applicable)
  • 40-80 hours of in-person, onsite clinical visitation

Tacoma Community College strives to provide the best environment for our students to succeed.

Student Statisfaction Rate  
Academic Year Satisfaction Rate
2019 - 2020 93%
2018 - 2019 100%
2017 - 2018 97%
Employment Rate (within 9 months)
Academic Year Employment Rate
2019 - 2020 100%
2018 - 2019 100%
2017 - 2018 100%

RHIT Pass Rate Comparison First-Time Candidates

Exam Period June to June

AHIMA National Mean

TCC HIT Program

2019 - 2020



2018 - 2019



2017 - 2018



2016 - 2017



2015 - 2016



Retention Rate  
Academic Year Retention Rate
2019 - 2020 94.4%
2018 - 2019 91.7%
2017 - 2018 92.9%


Other Healthcare Programs at TCC

There are a variety of ways to work in the health care industry. TCC is fortunate to offer a number of educational programs in Health Sciences that might be of interest. In order to assist prospective students in fully understanding their training options, we encourage your review of the electronic version of our Health Careers Program Overview Information Session.

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