Enroll in Classes

Enrollment is the process of enrolling in classes each quarter. To search for classes visit our Class Search tool.

Reference the Academic Calendar to see the listed deadlines for the last day to add credit classes without instructor permission and the last day to add credit classes with instructor permission. If instructor permission is required a permission code is needed. Permission Codes can only be generated by instructors. Instructors who are seeking instructions on generating permission codes can visit the Staff and Faculty- Instructor Permission Codes site.To be able to enroll you must be Term Acitivated and have a declared Program Plan. You can check if your plan is declared by navigating to the My Program page from your Student Homepage in ctcLink.

Your Student ID Number/ctcLink ID can be found by visiting My E-Services. Visit Set Up your TCC Accounts if you will be logging into ctcLink for the first time.

Enroll in Classes using ctcLink

How to Guide: Enrolling in Classes 

  1. Select Student Homepage--> Manage Classes--> Class Search and Enroll
  2. Select the correct Term and College 
  3. Enter the class you want to search for in the search box
  4. View classes and select your option
  5. Select Next then Accept- A permission number is optional in Step 2. Instructors can assign you a permision number for a  prerequisite override, class overload or for classes that require instructor permission, if you receive a permission number enter it at this step.  
  6. Select Next for Step 3, the enroll field should be selected. If the enroll field is not displaying then registration for the term is not available. You can check the Enrollment Dates tab for enrollment appointments.  
  7. Submit


Enroll in Classes using Class Search or the Mobile App

Mobile Application (HCX)


On your mobile device, proceed to the App Store (iOS)/Play Store (Android) locate and install the ctcLink app from the search results. Note: The app publisher is WA SBCTC or WA State Board for Community and Technical Colleges

Enrollment Appointments

Prior to enrolling for classes. View your Enrollment Appointment time or the Open Enrollment Dates by selecting Student Homepage-->Manage Classes--> Enrollment Dates-->Select the term and select 'Continue' to view your Enrollment Appointment time or the Open Enrollment Dates for the term in ctcLink. Enrollment Appointments are only used during priority enrollment week. Appointments are assigned based on the number of credits earned. However, prior to your enrollment appointment you can add courses to your shopping cart.

Validate Classes

Prior to your enrollment appointment time you can use the Shopping Cart to validate your courses. To validate means you are able to plan your schedule before you are allowed to enroll by choosing several combination of classes and checking to see if you have met the prerequisites for the course.ctcLink will tell you whether your enrollments will be successful when it's time for you to enroll. Don't forget to finish enrolling from your shopping cart once your appointment time arrives!

How to Guide: Validate Classes

For questions regarding your enrollment appointment contact enrollmentservices@tacomacc.edu. When either your enrollment appointment time has occurred or open enrollment has begun, you can enroll into classes.

Academic Calendar

Need a Permission Number to enroll in classes?

Permission numbers are provided by instructors. A Instructor Permission Code can override closed classes, pre-requisites,  consent required and career restrictions. Reach out to your instructor if you need a permission code. Once received login to ctcLink and enroll in the class by using the code. 

Shopping Cart Enrollment

After your enrollment appointment time has occurred. You can add classes that are in your Shopping Cart by selecting Manage Classes--> Shopping Cart--> Term and Tacoma Community College-->Selecting Courses--> ENROLL. A confirmation message will display asking, "Are you sure you want to enroll?" select yes. After enrolling review your class schedule by selecting View My Classes.

Enroll with a Permission Number

  • Select Student Homepage
  • Select Manage Classes
  • Select Class Search and Enroll
  • Select the correct Term and College (Example: SPRING 2022, Tacoma Community College)
  • Enter class you want to search for in the search box
  • View classes and select your option
  • Select Next 
  • NOTE: if a class is full you will be prompted to answer the following question. "Add to waitlist if class is full?" answer Yes. Doing so will turn on the field to enter a permission code. 
  • Select Accept- Enter permission number in Step 2. If the permission number box does not appear. This means a permission code was not generated for the course. Consult your instructor for the specific class number associated with the permission code.
  • Select Next for Step 3, the enroll field should be selected. If the enroll field is not displaying then registration for the term is not available. You can check the Enrollment Dates tab for enrollment appointments.  
  • Submit

Enrollment Errors

Did you recieve an enrollment error? Below are common errors and instructions on how to resolve them.

Priority Registration 

Day 1:
8 am: Veterans / Military Affiliated
11 am: Access Services, International Programs, Fresh Start, Basic Education for Adults
2pm: 75+ Credits

Day 2:
8 am: Running Start, Athletes, Supplemental Instruction, CASA/MECA
11 am:  60+ credits
2 pm: 45+ credits

Day 3: 
8 am: 30+ credits
11 am: 15+ credits
2 pm: 1+ credits

Day 4 
8 am: Returning Students who have been out over a year

Day 7 
Open Registration

Priority Registration Feedback 

Late Add a Course

Adding a class after the 10th instructional day of the quarter must be petitioned. You must have been participating in the class prior to the 10th day of instruction and must provide documentation of extenuating circumstances that prevented registration by the established deadlines. If approved, you will be required to pay a late add fee of $36.50 per class. If petition is approved, payment for the class will be due immediately.

Late Add Petition

Senior Citizen Tuition Reduction

Enrollment for Senior Citizen Tuition Reduction opens on the first instructional day of the quarter, on a space available basis. Space availability is determined by the number of open seats
below the capacity of the class. Enrolling for classes earlier than the first instructional day can result in disqualification of the reduction.

Senior Citizen Tuition Reduction

State Employee Space AvailableTuition Waiver

As space is available, state employees can take up to two classes not to exceed 10 credits total per quarter. The cost is $5 per class plus applicable fees. State Employees will be manually enrolled in classes starting the 1st instructional day of the quarter. To qualify for the waiver complete the State Employee Space Available Tuition Waiver and submit your admissions application once the form is complete submit to Enrollment Services, Building 7 or email to enrollmentservices@tacomacc.edu.

State Employee Tuition Waivers

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